Tibetan Buddhist Center For Universal Peace

Do Ngak Kunphen Ling

Something for Everyone

A variety of classes to suit all levels of interest and experience.


Qualified instructors Venerable Abbot Emeritus Lobsang Jampa and Geshe Lobsang Dhargey.

Special Events

Special guest speakers, programs, retreats, and animal blessings.

Community Activities

A variety of activities, such as yoga, book club, movie nights, special talks, and charitable fundraisers.

Programs for Children

Open to the community: games, songs, and guided meditations to support the practice of compassion and kindness.

Practicing Generosity

Support our center by offering your time, resources and involvement.

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Classes & Special Events

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  • DNKL will be part of this year's Vesak Day Celebration sponsored by the United Sangha Council. Join our fellow Buddhists from across NY, NJ and New England area, representing many different cultures and traditions, as we celebrate the Birth, Enlightenment, and Passing of the Lord Buddha.

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  • The first class will start with an introduction to Tibetan Buddhist Lineages. Each class will then go into further details about the following four lineages:

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  • More details to be provided shortly for this special zoom series

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  • Buddhism is a psychology of the mind, providing us methods to understand our emotions and how to change our bad habits and thoughts to be happy. Geshe Dhargey shows us how to apply Buddhist practice to overcome difficulties in daily life.

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  • COVID-19 Update

DNKL has been blessed with the visits and teachings by many Tibetan lamas and well-regarded Western instructors, including Thupten Phuntsok, Venerable Lobsang Sherab, Venerable Jampa Gyaltsen, Venerable Losang Tendrol, Wilson Hurley, and Dr. Lorne Ladner, PH.D. 

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Our classes on Buddhism, Meditation & Special Events

Learn about the classes we offer in a variety of Buddhist Practices. These programs are geared to all levels of learning and practice. Follow this link ……

Learn The Meaning of
Do Ngak Kunphen Ling

We've loosely translated it as "Tibetan Buddhist Center for Universal Peace": A place where sutra and tantra are combined for the good of all. But there is much more to the meaning and where it comes from.